Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last entry!

Hello everyone!

This is a note from mommy and the last entry for this blog! Our new blog can be found at http://thewildricefamily.blogspot.com

Since we are expecting our 2nd child, it seemed more prudent to combine everything into one blog. Quite frankly, it's a lot of work to take care of so many blogs! Ethan's baby antics (http://ababysstory.blogspot.com) will still be up, as well as this one, just no more new posts to them.

Overall, we are all doing well. Ethan continues to learn new signs and make up ones for words we haven't gotten to yet! Those are especially hard to figure out! He's enjoying his new pre-school and loves the fact that he has his own locker. We have yet to tell him what it means to be a "big brother", but that will come soon. I just hit 12 weeks and am offically in my 2nd trimester. My belly is definately taking shape. Now, how to make sure Ethan understands is a whole new ball park!!!

Well, we hope to see many new comments on our new blog and we promise to send emails to all our friends and family once it's tweeked!

The Wild Rice Family


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