Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Well! Saturday was my birthday party and I had a blast! My friends Beckett and Zoey were able to make it, which was really nice because all these older people really don't know how to have fun!

We all had a ton of cake and ice-cream and I had really nice presents to open! Lola got me a bunch of books and mommy reads them to me everyday! Mommy says that granny contributed to my college fund and I got various other things that are fun too! Here's a picture of me in my birthday outfit.

I had my 3 year old doctor visit and it went well. They gave me a book too! I love it. It's called, Silly Little Goose. Mommy read it to me while we waited for the doctor. I'm 35.1 LBS and I'm 3ft 1.75 inches tall. Dr Danish says I'm tall and skinny, but very healthy! I got a shot too. :< I cried, but mommy said that I was all done when I started. Mommy took me to McDonalds afterwards and got me some apples. I love apples!

Well, I better get going! It's nap time!
Love, Ethan


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