Saturday, January 05, 2008

33 Months old!

Ethan's sick so this is mommy writing today! Our little man is growing up so fast. Here is a picture of him really thinking where to put his next magnetix ball! He just has to stick that tongue out whenever he thinks really hard.

Well, he's been up to a lot lately. Ethan has finally started interacting with other kids and has finally started to make new friends. He has his long time buddy, Beckett, who just turned 1. Ethan had a blast at Beckett's party, where he got to play with many children of his age. He especially loved Beckett's christmas present of a 'ball pen'. We'll have to do something about that for his birthday. Anyways, Ethan has also made a friend at his school, Happy Day. Odd that his new friend is also named Ethan! It's nice to seem him interact and play with other kids!

His vocabulary, at least sign-language wise, has become a huge thing. He can watch a sign language video and soak up the words as I struggle to keep up! We still wait for the vocal words, but he babbles A LOT now. His personal speech therapist says it should be soon! I can't wait! I'm ever so anxious. I have yet to hear, "I love you mommy".... or "mommy" for that matter. It's very hard emotionally to not hear it although I am very certain he does love me.

We are also starting to go through various other things now that he will soon turn 3! We are currently in transition to leave Help Me Grow and enter Pre-School. It's a scary thought to have everyone whose been there since he was 18 months old, to all the sudden leave. We have a speech therapist at RMH that we pay for so she will always be around, but our service co-ordinator (HMG), behavior specialist (FCLC) and his current school (Happy Day) just leave! Everyone who was familiar goes. I can't wait because it starts a new exciting chapter that doesn't have me running around to different appointments, but at the same time, I'm very scared. This very familiar support system is going to be gone and at this point in time, I wouldn't know what to do if I needed help! Well, I guess I'll learn soon enough since Ralph & I will have to go to transition meetings and all! Ethan will have his 1st evaluation for pre-school in February. It will be about 2+ hours long. Luckily it is during his good time...Morning! He's having evals right now at Happy Day by the speech therapist there and by the pre-school psych who is observing him at Happy Day! ARGHHHH!! It's so frustrating to wait!

The little man is also growing so fast! He's about 35 LBS and growing! He's also about 36 inches and growing taller. He'll have his 3 year well check in April so we'll see just how tall he'll get! Well, this tired mommy is signing off! Hope everyone has enjoyed Ethan's growth and antics as we can post them!



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