Saturday, August 18, 2007

Naked and loving it!

Well, on August 12th was Lola's annual get together! Miss Atije & Mr Brian brought my friend Beckett over! It was fun. Beckett and I went swimming. It was too cold so we didn't stay long, but we just had to pose for this picture before getting dressed! I was tired so I took a nap shortly after!

Well, everything here is going great. School is coming quickly so mommy has been doing some back to school shopping and such. New clothes, snacks for the class, diapers, wipes and swimming stuff. Filling out paperwork and volunteer forms and all. My mommy loves me. Well, I better be going. I just had to do a quick update. Speech is going well. I babble a lot and even say 'daddy' now.


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Blogger The Booth's said...

What a wonderful time we had! Beckett snoozed the whole way home. Thank you for letting us borrow your alphabet toy! Beckett loves to play with it. Look at those little tooshies! Pinch! :)

9:02 PM  

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