Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Message from Ethan's Mom!

Hi all!

Mommy speaking tonight! Ethan is just too tuckered out to write anything and I had some things that only I could update on anyways.

We have all been busy with his new and probably permanent diagnosis. The little one is not Autistic, nor is he Apraxic. He has dyspraxia. In plain English, he understands everything 100%. He knows what he wants to say, he just can't get it out. It's a nuerological disorder. Somehow, the message his brain sends gets to his 'speaking' muscles, but they don't know how to interpret it, so he just can't talk. So we go to Happy Day school 2 times a week. Monday and Tuesday. While there he can interact with other children and other 'school' things. He also gets speech therapy there. He also has a personal speech therapist we see every Wednesday for 30 minutes. She helps with his oral-motor development and gives us a ton of things to work on at home. This is also the same person that teaches us sign language. Thursday, luckily, is our break day and Friday we go to The Family and Child Learning Center in Tallmadge Ohio. At FCLC we learn strategies that help us cope at home. Our team leader is really nice and coming here has really reduced stress for us.

Well, other than our busy schedule, things are going great. Ethan loves swimming. At home and at school! He's making great progress too. He can actually say 'bye bye.' He waves really well and the sign language has helped with the biting. Physically he is taller than a 3 year old and can do what most 3 year olds can do. Well, I better be going. I just had to write and update on everything now that we got everything in place and progressing well!


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Beckett is doing better. We have his cold/croup under control now. Thank god for modern medicine. I know this would have turned to pneumonia by the end of the week if not for the doc's. Later guys.
The Booth's

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