Friday, May 11, 2007

Slide Time!!

Well...I've been busy! I saw a Pediatric Developmental Specialist who said I may have Autism. Since then I've been enrolled in a pre pre-school. Happy Day School is really nice. I will go 2 times a week. Mondays and Tuesday afternoons from 1 - 2:45 PM. They have a gym, indoor playroom, outdoor playroom and a swimming pool. I can't wait. I get a backpack and everything.

I also am in swim classes for awhile. I don't like them too much though. Mommy says I have a death grip! I think I made a friend though.

Here's a picture of me on the slide Lola and Pappo got me for my birthday. I really like it!


Blogger The Booth's said...

OK Mr. GQ. You can slow down with the cuteness! :) Look at you so handsome on your big boy slide! Beckett is so jealous right now.
Love you,
atije, brian and baby beckett

8:29 PM  

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