Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Go Speed Racer! Go!

Well, it's been exciting since last I wrote! Mommy's birthday was fun! Daddy & I gave her a Hello Kitty card! She said she really loved it! We also had cake. Yummy!

I'm also a busy guy! I go to speech therapy once a week. I have a Help Me Grow worker play with me every other week. Now I am on a waiting list for a Learning center so I can play with other kids. Mommy says all that's left is to make an appointment with the pediatric developmental specialist! WOW! That is a long title! Mommy will also be babysitting for awhile so I'll have another baby to play with....Mommy says he can't play yet, but hopefully he'll be my friend!

Well, just wanted to keep everyone updated!


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