Saturday, November 18, 2006

3 Signs Learned!

Wow! Guess what?! I now know 3 signs! I can do 'more', 'eat', & now I can do 'all done!' Mommy and daddy are so proud! There is less stress around here now that we can communicate, but mommy's still upset when I take a chunk out of her. I don't understand why? Daddy calls them love bites! I do love my mommy but she hates it so when I bite her on the butt!

Here's a picture of me on one of those riding toys at the mall! This one is a train. I really loved it! This mall was located in Niles, OH. I can't remember the name but Clifford the Big Red Dog was there! I was so happy even though I didn't get to see him. The line was just too long. Well, it's dinner time so I've got to be going!


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