Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My 18th Month Well Visit

Hello all!
Well, mommy and I had a very interesting day yesterday. Yesterday was my 18th month well visit check-up and it didn't quite go as smoothly as mommy said she would have liked it to go! I cried. The whole time. The only time I didn't cry was when I was able to get naked. They I cried when the nurse tried to listen to my heart with the stethiscope. I cried getting weighed. I cried getting measured. I was not happy.

Then we were showed to our room. I was happy walking around and exploring. Then Dr. Aldrich came in. I was good until she started listening to my heart and looking in my ears and nose. I cried. They she had to feel my belly and goodies. NOT HAPPY! But I got to get dressed and then I was happy! She says I'm 32 3/4 inch tall, but it's hard to tell since I'm squirmy and I'm probably more like 33 inches. She says that is the 60th% and I am very tall for my age! She also says that I'm 24LBS, but again, I was squirmy and gave a funky read on the machine. She says I lost about 1/2 lb but still ok because I eat great and I'm just very active!! She says that's the 20th percetile, and that worried mommy, but Dr. Aldrich says that I'm tall and skinny and I'm following the curve I always had. She says with me being so active it's natural to be low like that so mommy's not so upset now.

Unfortunately, since they didn't have the flu shot in stock, I didn't get it this go round, but mommy says she was told to call next week and that I would get it then. I'm not sure I'm too happy about that!

Well, i had better go for my nap!


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