Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yay for popsicles!

Well, seeing that it is September, I'm not eating popsicles anymore, but over the next few entries, I wanted to share some summer photos with you. I've been busy growing more teeth and growing taller! Mommy and daddy are definately having fun trying to keep up with me now that I want to run everywhere! I've been a busy beaver!

I still don't talk too much. Mama, dada and goo goo! But mommy says I sure do understand a whole lot!! Well, my 18th month appointment is coming up soon, so we will have an official height and weight soon. I'm already 31 inches though!

My lola bought me a new booster seat so I now eat at the table with mommy and daddy. I don't sit in a high chair anymore. I also wear a size 6 1/2 shoe! I need wide! I am also in 24 month clothing too! Mommy says I'm going to be very tall! She also calls me her little man! Well, I better be going! It's nap time!


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