Friday, September 15, 2006

Just another Friday in the Rice household...

Recap the summer: Here's a picture of me and mommy strawberry picking! It's my 1st time and I don't know what to do. Oh boy are they yummy though. Mommy and daddy had to chase me down the rows. They said I'm not allowed to eat them until they get weighed and we pay! It was cloudy that day, but hot! Here's mommy carrying me back to the register. I gave up after ahile.

NOW: Well, It's been a crazy 2 days! Yesterday, mommy bought a new gate for the kitchen. It's swings open and shut. She says I need to learn when I'm allowed in the kitchen and when I'm not. She says I'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore when she cooks . Mommy says I can reach the stovetop and burn myself and that she doesn't want me to do that. I don't like the gate. I tried crying, but she wouldn't budge. I think she means it!

But, on the up side, my lola got me another new toy! I now have a Sesame Street vaccum cleaner. In one direction it's ELMO! In the other direction it's COOKIE MONSTER!!! YAY!!! My 2 favorite characters!! Oscar the Grouch is in the middle with the dust bunnies. Mommy said he likes it there.

Well, I better get going. So much running around, so little time!


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