Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I've been busy!!!

But I've still been a good boy! Yesterday, July 31, was my first dentist appointment ever! It went well until they tried to clean my teeth. EWWWWW!!! I didn't like that. The dentist only brushed my teeth and opened my mouth to see them but I hate that so I cried A LOT!!!!! But I got a new toothbrush and lots of stickers!!!!

Today was my 1st ever eye doctor appointment. It went well until mommy had to hold me down and she had to shine a bright light in my eye! I didn't like the bright light, but I loved the little barking dog I got to watch. Mommy was really tired after that.

Well, both appointments went well and I came back with a clean bill of health! Well, it's bed time so I better get going!



Blogger The Booth's said...

Hey Ethan,
I'm glad to hear your appointments went well. You have such pretty teeth and it's important to keep them healthy. Keep up the good work.
The Booth's

6:42 PM  

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