Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My 15 month well visit!


This is mommy and me back in May before the weather got all rainy!!! I love the ducks at Aurora Farms!

Anyways, my 15 months well check-up was July 5th and it went OK. I got 2 shots, both of which were not very nice at all. I'm 31 1/4 inches tall and 23 pounds. Dr. Aldrich says I'm tall and skinny! Mommy reassured her saying I eat like a pig! OINK OINK!!! Well, I'm ahead of other babies my age in everything except talking. It seems that I'm supposed to say more than just mama. I love my new sippy. It has a straw! Mommy got that for me because I'm a big boy now and don't drink from bottles. I love to feed myself too! I love the spoon! I keep putting it upside down in my mouth though. OH WELL! I'll get it right soon! Other than that, I'm still the same, energetic kid I've always been! Running around everywhere!

Well, I better go and see what other trouble I can get into!


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